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We’ll see you again in 2015 as we continue to share insight and information about our growing number of online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as professional certificates.

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SHSU President Dana Hoyt was recently on the set in Florida with former Entertainment Tonight host Julie Moran to record an episode of “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. The two discussed SHSU Online as well as a number of different ways online education can be beneficial for women, namely flexibility, affordability, and quality.

“The Balancing Act” is currently in its sixth season and focuses on topics that are relevant to women and their busy lifestyles. This particular episode takes a deeper look at the subject of Online Education and the burgeoning population of female online students.

Be sure to check out the show above featuring Dr. Hoyt and SHSU Online!

Life can be complicated. Between professional responsibilities, family commitments, and financial obligations, it can be hard to find time for anyone to chase their dreams. This reasoning was dismissed by Terri Allison, who returned to school to pursue an undergraduate degree through SHSU Online despite an abundance of commitments.

Allison, a mother of three and case manager for the Aggie Honor System Office at Texas A&M University, is pursuing an online B.S. in Criminal Justice to explore her passions and to be an example for her children.

“Part of it is the feeling that you have to finish what you start, and trying to impart to my kids you’re not always going to have a straightforward path; you’re not always going to graduate high school, do four years of college, and begin your career,” she says. “Letting them see that, even at my age, I could go back and I could get my degree is important.”

Allison’s family, daughters Tegan and Kristen, son Charlie, and husband Randal, have been an essential support system for her online education, but a promise made to her stepfather, Don Wood, remains in the forefront of her mind years after his passing.

“My stepfather was dyslexic at a time when no one really knew how to treat the disease, so he dropped out of high school at 17; three days after his 18th birthday, he was at Pearl Harbor when the attack happened,” she says. “He never did any college credit, and that was why it was so important for all of his children to get their degree. I promised him I’d get my bachelor’s completed eventually, and he said ‘Don’t let it get away from you.’”

Allison was pursuing her Associate in Applied Science degree in Paralegal Studies at Blinn College at the time of his passing.

When it came to finding the right fit for her personal life and professional aspirations, she says SHSU was the clear choice for her.

“I looked at a lot of schools, and Sam Houston State University has by far the best reputation for criminal justice. It really dovetails with my paralegal background,” she says. “After taking one of my first classes, Corrections, I definitely knew this was for me. It’s a perfect setup. SHSU has everything I want right there.”

With an expected graduation term of Spring 2016, Allison says the journey that has taken her to this point gives her the conviction to succeed and continue to develop personally and professionally.

“I’ve been at my job for more than 20 years, and I could easily stay with my current job and retire comfortably, but that’s not where my passion lies,” she says. “I want to do more and give back to those who helped me. I want to continue my education for a Masters in Mediation and then work in Restorative Justice, a field I like and a field that’s changing. I want to be part of those changes.”

One criticism of online education is that, on average, pursuing a four-year degree is more expensive online than on campus. At Sam Houston State University Online, that’s not the case.

college-moneyTo provide our online students with the same quality education and level of service our on-campus students enjoy, we staff dedicated employees and utilize modern and safeguarded technology to deliver online courses. This added cost of delivery requires a distance-learning fee for online students. However, the fee is somewhat offset by waivers for other on-campus
service fees that online students are not required to pay since they are not on campus.

In the end, SHSU Online students enjoy all the benefits of being an online student at a cost quite similar to that of SHSU on-campus students.

In addition to numerous intangibles, including the cost of vehicle maintenance and gas to commute to campus, the foremost benefit to taking classes online is convenience. Your coursework is available on your time. If you need to listen to a lecture, participate in online class discussions, or ask a question, you may do so, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Online education provides opportunities for students that may be otherwise unavailable. College students of all ages and backgrounds have the freedom to work their education into their otherwise busy lives, which can be invaluable for those working long or unconventional hours, raising a family, or living in areas with geographic constraints.

We live in a time where technology bridges gaps across the globe, and consequently, opens the door to opportunities previously unavailable. If a student in China is interested in pursuing SHSU’s online Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, they may do so, from the convenience of their own home. In fact, students from India, Norway, Canada, and Vietnam are currently enrolled in online classes at SHSU!

We have numerous success stories of students who took unconventional paths to return to college and complete their degree, and more often than not, our students say they would not be able to reach this milestone without the assistance of SHSU Online.

We know that SHSU students’ needs are as unique as the students themselves, and we pride ourselves on serving them. We’ve been honored to receive numerous awards through the years for the quality of our programs.

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Sam Houston State University’s College of Criminal Justice has been an innovator in criminal justice education since 1963, and their online BA in Criminal Justice and online BS in Criminal Justice degrees offer students the convenience of an online program with the prestige that accompanies a degree from SHSU’s College of Criminal Justice.

The college takes great strides to ensure the online BA in Criminal Justice and online BS in Criminal Justice degrees provide students with the same quality education and professional benefits students attending class on campus receive.


Kathy Latz, Clinical Assistant Professor

“Our online degree programs provide students with the same quality of instruction as our brick and mortar campuses,” says Dr. Kathy Latz, clinical assistant professor in the Masters of Victim Services Management program. “Distance learning is ideal for non-traditional students, including working professionals interested in pursuing a new career in the comfort of their own homes and at times that accommodate their busy schedules.”

Whereas the online BA in Criminal Justice and online BS in Criminal Justice degrees host the same core curriculum, the difference in degree specific requirements are catered to the student’s interests. The online BA in Criminal Justice degree requires 14 hours of foreign language hours, while the online BS in Criminal Justice degree requires specific tracks in philosophy and psychology.


David C. Pyrooz, Assistant Professor

David C. Pyrooz, Ph.D, assistant professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, says online courses also provide students with the ability to cater to their learning strengths.

“One of the best features of online courses is flexibility—whether I am teaching criminological theory, research methods, or my special topics, gangs, I ensure students can advance at their own pace,” he says. “This is important for students because they learn concepts, read the materials, and take tests at different speeds.”

Pyrooz says his online students are able to receive a quality education within their time constraints and at their own pace, allowing for an enjoyable learning experience.

“Such flexibility is not possible in the classroom, which is the primary difference between the courses I teach in person and the courses I teach online,” he says. “Regardless of the devices students use to complete their assignments, or the location where students complete their assignments, this flexibility is advantageous to students to create a positive learning environment.”

Visit to find out more about their online BA in Criminal Justice and online BS in Criminal Justice degrees offered through SHSU Online, and see how you can get started today!

View a “Profiles Series” television segment about the services and philosophy of SHSU Online. The program, featuring Larry King, recently aired on The Discovery Channel.

For the third consecutive year, Sam Houston State University has earned national recognition in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of online education programs.

Of the four programs SHSU submitted for review in the 2014 report, three of SHSU’s online programs received a ranking in the top 20 percent in the nation and one program garnered a national ranking in the top ten.


The overall rankings placed SHSU No. 7 among “Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs” and also earned a No. 1 national ranking in the “Student Engagement” indicator for the category.

SHSU also received national recognition with a ranking of No. 20 among “Best Online Graduate Education Programs,” No. 41 among “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs,” and No. 43 among “Best
Online Graduate Business Programs.”

The rankings effectively garnered SHSU in the top 10 percent in “Best Online Graduate Education Programs,” top 19 percent in “Best Online Graduate Business Programs,” and top 15 percent in “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.”

“SHSU Online is fortunate to work with our esteemed faculty, and we are dedicated to providing students with quality and convenient online learning options,” says Bill Angrove, associate vice president for distance learning. “We view the results from the 2014 U.S. News & World Report rankings as evidence that we are succeeding in our goals, and we will continue to work hard to further improve our services and assistance to students.”

In “Student Services and Technology,” an indicator used to determine schools’ overall rankings, SHSU ranked as high as No. 4, and no lower than No. 25 nationally, among all schools.

U.S. News & World Report rates the incorporation of “Student Services and Technology” indicator through the use of both diverse online learning technologies that allow greater flexibility for students to take classes and labs from a distance and a strong support structure providing learning assistance, career guidance, and financial aid resources comparable to campus-based programs.

SHSU Online’s service plays a key role in the university’s placement regarding the “Student Services and Technology” indicator by providing student support and highly accessible technologies and services and strong support to its students.

Moreover, in “Student Engagement,” the primary indicator encompassing 30 percent of the school’s score, in addition to SHSU’s No. 1 national ranking in “Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs,” the university earned a No. 21 national ranking in “Best Online Graduate Education Programs” and No. 28 national ranking in “Best Online Graduate Business Programs.”

U.S. News & World Report rates the “Student Engagement” indicator as programs that promote quality participation in courses and allow students opportunities to both readily interact with their instructors and fellow classmates similarly to a campus-based setting and to complete their degrees in a reasonable amount of time.

In addition to three online undergraduate degree programs, SHSU offers 24 graduate degree programs, including one doctoral program and one special program for members of the U.S. military, as well as 22 online certificate programs. For more information on any of SHSU’s online programs, visit

A complete listing of the U.S. News and World Report online rankings can be found at


The online Bachelor of General Studies degree is a versatile undergraduate program that allows students to design a curriculum geared toward their strengths, goals, or professional aspirations.

Students may complete the degree entirely online through SHSU Online. Among the requirements of the degree, students must select three undergraduate minors from the following options:

SHSU Online Bachelor of General Studies Student

  • Business Education
  • Criminal Justice
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • General Business Administration
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Spanish

The flexibility of the online format allows students to pursue their degree without sacrificing professional obligations or taking time from family commitments, and the variety of potential areas of study makes the BGS degree popular amongst online students.

A particular group of students drawn to the online BGS degree are “degree completers,” or students who did not complete their degree prior to dropping out of college. These students are often able to transfer credit hours from previously completed courses spanning a multitude of years.

Another incentive for online students to pursue an online BGS degree is the range of career options available to students upon completion of the degree. Examples include working professionals seeking career advancement, undergraduate students streamlining their enrollment into graduate school, and obtaining an undergraduate degree prior to seeking teacher certification.

The quality of the university’s online programs has consistently received praise in US News & World Report’s rankings of online education programs. This fall, due to record enrollment, SHSU Online continued to offer more online undergraduate and graduate courses to meet the demands of record enrollment and student preferences.

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The percentage of students enrolled in online classes increased dramatically this fall as SHSU continued to offer more online undergraduate and graduate courses to meet the demands of record enrollment and student preferences.

In fact, 12 percent of SHSU students are taking 100 percent of their classes online this fall. In addition, the number of 100 percent online students increased 55 percent for undergraduate students and 20 percent for graduate students over fall 2012.

“SHSU Online responds quickly to emerging student needs for online degree programs and courses,” said Associate Vice President for Distance Learning Bill Angrove.

“The number of degrees available online has been steadily increasing over the past four years. At present, the university offers 25 degree programs completely online. They include three undergraduate degrees, 22 master’s degrees, one doctoral degree, and almost two dozen graduate and professional certificates,” he said.

In addition to providing high-quality, convenient, and affordable online courses to students in Texas, SHSU is increasing its presence nationwide as a recognized name in online education. This fall the total number of fully online students reached 2,303, with students spread across 38 states.

“Students are choosing SHSU online programs and courses for a number of good reasons,” Angrove said. “Our online courses are taught by outstanding full-time faculty members committed to excellence in teaching and their commitment is complemented by interactive courses designed with a high quality look and feel that is consistent throughout a degree program.

“SHSU Online provides outstanding technical support to students and faculty which improves the online educational experience,” he said. “The combination of outstanding faculty, intellectual rigor, quality course design, and exceptional technology support makes SHSU’s online courses an outstanding value for undergraduate and graduate students alike.”

SHSU Online’s focus on quality and value in online education has not gone unnoticed. Once again this year, as in years past, the university achieved high results in US News & World Report’s rankings of online education programs. In addition, ranked SHSU the most affordable online university in Texas, and the fourth most affordable in the nation in its “Most Affordable Online Colleges” report.

SHSU also ranks in the top 25 in the Guide to Online Schools’ 2013 Online College Rankings. In addition, the university has been honored, for the second year in a row, as a “Military Friendly School,” a recognition of its status among the top 20 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools that are doing the most to help U.S. military service members, their spouses and veterans as students.

“Attention to quality and excellence in course development and technology support helps explain why student participation in online courses offered by SHSU continues to grow,” Angrove said. “Also, SHSU has committed to optimizing the university’s website for search engines and providing improved usability for prospective students. This commitment should help SHSU Online to see even greater growth in the future.”

Read the article at Today @ Sam!

Sam Houston State University received recognition as having another banner year in quality online education, collectively receiving five national awards throughout 2013 for online educational programs.


In January, SHSU received continued praise in U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of online education programs from nearly 700 schools across the country.  SHSU’s Master of Science in Information Assurance and Security earned a national ranking of No. 2 among “Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs,” and received acknowledgment in three additional categories:

In one of the indicators used in determining schools’ overall rankings, “Student Services and Technology,” SHSU performed especially well. In the case of all the categories reported above, SHSU ranked as high as No. 6, and no lower than No. 23, among all schools.


In July, a new, non-profit site, Affordable Colleges Online, ranked SHSU fourth in the nation in the sites “54 Most Affordable Online Colleges” report.

According to their site, Affordable Colleges Online set out to rank the top 54 colleges who provided students the most affordable online programs combined with successful placement at high-paying jobs upon graduation.

To determine their rankings, Affordable Colleges Online analyzed current and comprehensive national data sets from the most reputable sources. These sources include National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS), and The Carnegie Foundation.


To finish the year,, a consumer group that publishes online college rankings and online university ratings based on affordability and credibility, ranked SHSU’s Master of Science in Information Assurance and Security #20 among all competing options nationwide.

The site, founded in 1989, established their “Best Buy” ranking on a national survey of 77 regionally accredited universities that offer 115 different online master’s degrees in computer science and IT. The survey covered a wide range of computer science majors, including information systems, database mining, information assurance and technical communication. The rankings highlight the 45 best affordable online degrees in this field.

Congratulations to SHSU faculty and the staff at SHSU Online for their hard work and commitment to quality online education.


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SHSU Online Ranked Top Amongst Online Programs (via US News & World Reports)

Sam Houston State University has again achieved high marks in US News & World Report’s annual rankings of online education programs.

Sam Houston State University’s online programs, evaluated along with nearly 700 schools across the country, ranked among the best in four categories, placing SHSU No. 2 among “Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs,” No. 37 among “Best Online Graduate Education Programs,” and No. 102 among “Best Online Graduate Business Programs.” The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program was ranked No. 69 in “Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.”

In one of the indicators used in determining schools’ overall rankings, “Student Services and Technology,” SHSU performed especially well. In the case of all the categories reported above, SHSU ranked as high as No. 6, and no lower than No. 23, among all schools.

The “Student Services and Technology” indicator, according to US News & World Report, reflects a school’s performance in these terms: “A program that incorporates diverse online learning technologies allows greater ability for students to participate in classes and labs from a distance.”

SHSU Online’s service is an important contributor to the university’s showing in terms of the “Student Services and Technology” indicator, helping to provide highly accessible technologies and services and strong support to its students.

“SHSU’s overall performance in the US News & World Report 2013 rankings reflects the high caliber of our faculty and the commitment of SHSU Online to furnish our students with the most reliable, user-friendly, and responsive distance-learning technologies available,” said Bill Angrove, associate vice president for distance learning.

“SHSU Online is grateful for this recognition and is determined to continue improving service to our students and the entire SHSU community,” he said.

In addition to three online undergraduate degree programs, SHSU offers 24 graduate degree programs, including one doctoral program and one special program for members of the U.S. military, as well as 22 online certificate programs.

A complete listing of the U.S. News and World Report online rankings can be found at US News & World Reports online education programs overview.

For more information on any of SHSU’s online programs, visit

As obtaining an online degree continues to gain in popularity, you may be presented with the opportunity to take a course online.

If you have never taken a class online, you might enjoy reading about some of the benefits of pursuing your education online.

  •  Flexibility: An online education lets you choose the time and speed of learning to fit your schedule and responsibilities.
  •  Economy: Since an online education allows you to pursue your educational goals from your home computer, you save money on gas, vehicle maintenance, and time spent commuting.
  •  Variety: With an online education at SHSU Online, a range of majors, degree programs, and certificates is at your fingertips no matter where you live.
  •  Focus: An online education allows you to study without distractions and have complete control over your study environment.
  •  Simplicity: An online education is fast, easy, and convenient. Educators at SHSU Online specialize in creating online course content to provide the most effective learning experience.
  •  Networking: An online education provides great opportunities to make productive and exciting connections with a variety of students, educators, and experts from across the nation and around the world.
  •  Quality: Studies show that an online education results in a competitive advantage for the students who choose to pursue it. The nature of online learning involves a wide variety of instructional media – from audio and video presentations to webcam-based interaction with professors and other students.

For more information about Sam Houston State University’s online degree programs, visit

SHSU Online
recognizes individual student needs in distance learning environments and is committed to providing a variety of distance learning options.

Our online degree programs, which utilize the Blackboard Learn system, include a range of disciplines that prepare students for rewarding careers. Correspondence courses, online teacher certification, and continuing education programs are available, in addition to the below degrees.

  • Online bachelor’s degree programs
  • Online master’s degree programs
  • Online doctoral degree programs

With programs ranging from criminal justice to business, education to technology, and history to instructional leadership and technology, SHSU’s online programs cater to a diverse group of disciplines that can lead to exciting professional opportunities.

SHSU Online continues to add courses annually while providing expert technical support via email or phone six days a week.

Online correspondence courses offer another opportunity to earn college credit without stepping inside a classroom. Students can learn at their own pace and chose the times and locations to study. This service is highly beneficial to everyone from individuals continuing their college education, teachers seeking certification or additional study in their fields, or anyone wishing to broaden their education. Unless specified, each correspondence course is equivalent to three hours of college credit and includes a comparable workload.

Finally, SHSU Continuing Education offers courses and condensed studies on campus and online through partners such as ed2go,, and The Center for Legal Studies. Below are some of the correspondence courses available.

    • Standardized test preparations
    • Business strategy for particular industries
    • Hobbies and creative fields

Courses are designed to meet individual learning goals, which can enhance opportunities for career progression, help achieve a lifestyle change, or share a learning experience with others.

SHSU staff members are ready to help by answering any questions or providing additional information and advice to help choose a class.