Online Master of Arts in Kinesiology (Sport and Human Performance) Degree Offers Flexible Education Options

elliott cochran —  January 30, 2015 — Leave a comment

The College of Health Sciences’ Master of Arts in Kinesiology (Sport and Human Performance) program combines SHSU’s online course delivery with individual, on-campus instruction to create a flexible degree plan personalized to suit multiple career paths.

The program allows students to complete their coursework entirely online while visiting the SHSU campus once a semester for lab work, opening the door to careers in personal training, college coaching, commercial wellness, and more.

hispanic-male-tablet“The inclusion of lab days provides us the opportunity to deliver much of the course content online, allowing students maximum flexibility and the option of keeping a full-time job while maintaining the hands-on component that is critical for our discipline,” says Dr. A. Page Glave, academic advisor of the program. “The combination of hands-on lab time and the utilization of web-based evaluations gives students a well-rounded education that allows them to tailor the program to best match their career aspirations.”

Lab activities are dedicated to learning how to utilize equipment used in sport and human performance for research, clinical, and applied applications. Students are first introduced to lab equipment through online videos and other presentations and then given hands-on time with the equipment during lab.

Glave says the foundation of the program is the Department of Kinesiology faculty, who are dedicated to utilizing the online format to guide students into careers as developing practitioners in research, clinical, and applied settings.

“We recently updated the curriculum of our program to help increase the marketability of our students after graduation while continuing to provide multiple options to fit the career goals and schedules,” says Glave. “Through our program, we give our students full access to work closely and develop mentoring relationship with our faculty, who are subject matter experts with real-world experience and backgrounds in many areas of sport and human performance.”

Visit to find out more about the online Master of Arts in Kinesiology (Sport and Human Performance) degree offered through SHSU Online, and see what you can do to get started today!



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