Five Reasons We’re Thankful at SHSU Online

Kim Mathie —  November 26, 2014 — Leave a comment

1. Our Faculty and Students.  Without the dedicated faculty from all seven colleges and numerous programs across campus, there is no SHSU Online. Students pursue degrees online at SHSU because of the faculty’s dynamic programs, challenging curricula, and engaging coursework. But even more than that, it’s their commitment to student success. 

2. Steady Support. When you have ambitious goals, you have to be prepared to make them a reality. We’re thankful that SHSU’s leadership not only provides steady support but the right tools to make these goals a reality. That’s a powerful combination.

3. Ambitious Goals. Bigger isn’t always better, but better is always better. We’re grateful for the forward and ambitious thinking of SHSU and a leadership team that believes there is always room for improvement–for SHSU faculty who teach online, online students, and SHSU staff.

Halloween Party at Murff Building

4. Co-workers Who Dress. You never really know someone until you see him or her in a Halloween costume. At SHSU Online, we’re more than our job titles and we’re grateful for any opportunity to step away from our ordinary day to day to really get to know our fellow co-workers—whether it’s their creative costume idea, or their mean three-cheese macaroni and cheese recipe. What we discover about them often makes us like them even more.

5. New Leases. Change isn’t easy, but it’s always an adventure worth having. This past October, 75 percent of our staff moved into a new building just off campus. For the first time, the staff is interacting on a daily basis rather than an occasional one. There’s a snap, crackle, and pop in the air with all this creativity and talent under one roof. The result is more ideas, more creative exploration, and more good work.

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